Soft summer handfeels meet the unbearable lightness of being

The spring-summer season follows the path of naturalness, with soft and light fabrics for clothing, which take on color showing the most daring shades

art. 01611 / P05 double gauze 100% cotton

The spring and summer wardrobe prefers shirts, tank tops, tops, chemisiers, light dusters or trench coats, bermuda shorts, trousers and shorts, to be explored with light, transparent and impalpable clothing fabrics. Garments made with natural and comfortable fibers, noble and soft, which guarantee maximum freshness without forgetting a casual style that emphasizes comfort and personal expression.

Pontex offers a special selection of silks, cottons, linen blends on light weights and cotton gauzes, to be used simple or combined with each other, increasingly sophisticated and diversified in use. Soft summer touches that give life to sensitive, original and daring creations, for a wardrobe made up of unique garments where the themes of sustainability and conscious production, pragmatism and rationality prevail. With a touch of frivolity, more than ever necessary, bringing a summer and colorful note due to the dense and energetic shades associated with.

The coarser aspects of linen, silk, cotton and cotton gauze take on color and show off a colorful authenticity, with colors that persist and resist ultraviolet rays and washing.

Yarn-dyed fabrics, which maintain their essence or which, depending on the request, take on new dimensions and facets as a result of treatments and finishes that give them new aesthetic qualities, high performance and resistance.

Let’s discover the characteristics of these natural fibers in the Pontex proposal.

S like Silk

There are many reasons why silk cannot be missing in our wardrobe: it is a classic and timeless fiber.

Silk stands out for its high sheen and softness, characteristics that make any item of clothing made with this fabric special.

The silk dresses are able to wrap the body following its lines and curves, for a fluid and refined silhouette. Furthermore, silk combined with other fabrics such as linen produces authentic and precious qualities.

art. 07005 / P05 Scilla Silk

L for Linen

Eco-sustainable, traceable, aesthetically pleasing: these are the main characteristics of linen, a vegetable fiber that always continues to set trends in fashion collections.

Linen is natural, fresh and versatile, its fibers are very tenacious and shiny.

Minimal clothing can be created with linen, which combined with other fabrics and playing on different contrasts and weights, give life to a latest fashion outfit.

art. 02007/029 Versilia water soft 100% linen


C like Cotton

Soft and natural, cotton allows you to create fabrics for classic and contemporary clothing, which travel in time from one season to another without ever losing their charm.

Cotton is a versatile, light, fresh and breathable fabric.

Pontex offers it declined in many versions: organic cotton, recycled cotton, organic cotton with Gots certification, combed cotton, carded cotton.

art. 01608 / P05 Dobby 100% cotton


G like cotton gauze

Cotton gauze is a very light, transparent and natural fabric.

It is perfect for making very light and semi-transparent blouses and dresses, which refuse the occasion of use to accompany us at any time of day.

In addition, it is very cool and comfortable to wear, as well as hypoallergenic.

It can be easily dyed and printed with trendy patterns.

art. 01615 / P05 Double Layer 100% cotton double gauze

Linen, silk, cotton and cotton gauze are therefore the actors of a collection made of timeless classics, minimal, unisex and seasonless garments. Natural materials of the highest quality that Pontex proposes for next Spring Summer 2023.

All Pontex clothing fabrics are customizable and custom-made, designed to satisfy every customer need.

News & Fairs

New Collection Fall Winter 25/26

Innovation and quality inspired our new Collection resulting in an attentive search for the best yarns and the use of natural fibres and pigments and refined finishing Hands are warm, comfortable: velvet is the macrotrend of our Capsule, made more precious combined with viscose, cashmere, customised prints and textures. On this fabric, very much loved because warm and soft at hand, we apply new finishing that completes its hand by means of gold and silver coatings and resins, and new tie-dyed and delavè effects that create unique shades. This Collection is also focused on: cottons, gabardine, satin and fabrics with structured texture; fabrics enriched with modal, tencel, rayon and cashmere yarns; resin-treated and coupled fabrics; viscose, silks and gauzes; elastomer cottons; shirt-weight fabrics.  Our new proposals are the result of sophisticated technological research and, thanks to innovative finishing, our fabrics acquire a particular, precious and elegant touch. Our goal is to create unique, sustainable pieces of clothing, that meet the desire of an authentic and refined fashion that is practical and comfortable at the same time. With respect for environment and sharing each taste, genre and age.  Pontex Srl: top-quality fabrics for clothing, since 1972   This is our know-how, since 1972: craftsmanship, accurate choice of raw materials, absolute precision in processing. This is how we are able to bring excellence and the style of Made in Italy all over the world, never neglecting technological and market evolution.  Our whole new Collection of fabrics for clothing for the Autumn Winter 25/26 season was studied, created and realised by our Style Office and guarantees a completely traceable supply chain: after attentive search for the best yarns, each article is customised depending on needs through finishing and dyes outsourced to trusted third parties in Italy, with whom we have collaborated for more than fifty years.  Each fabric is rigorously controlled and undergoes a test for quality control. All our fabrics are customisable, concerning colour, finishing and composition. It is possible to ask for GOTS, BCI certifications.  To receive more information about our fabrics for clothing, to place purchase orders and to ask for customised fabrics, contact us Our offices are open from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Discover Fall Winter 25/26 Collection navigate_next

A Fabric Affair New York – 17/18 July 2024 – stand Pontex 10th floor

We will present our new 2025/2026 Fall-Winter Spring/Summer Fabric Collection at the A Fabric Affair in New York: from 17 to 18 July 2024. Visit our booth Pontex, 10 7h floor. We hope to see you on that occasion and we invite you to contact us writing an e mail to for further information about our products. navigate_next

STIB Barcelona – 23/24 July 2024

We will present our new 2025/2026 Fall Winter Fabric Collection at the STIBBCN in Barcelona, World Trade Center, Port Vell: from 23 to 24 July 2024. Our agent Julio Llort LLORTEX will be present with our new Collection. We hope to see you on that occasion and we invite you to contact us writing an e mail to for further information about our products. navigate_next