Fall-Winter Collection 24/25: unique fabrics for clothing that last forever

This Collection chooses velvet and moleskin, cotton, cotton elastam, cotton shirt weight, viscose, silk, gauze, voile, cupro, tencel and modal, printed fabrics, technical resin-treated coupled fabrics


The challenge for the new Fall-Winter 24/25 Collection is to propose fabrics that go through time and give to the pieces of clothing the possibility to live many times. The approach, therefore, is increasingly sustainable and the desire is to stand out by turning thoughts into actions, to add another piece to the puzzle that wants to change the face of fashion.

Focus Fabrics: from velvets, our main focus, to cupro and recycled polyamide

Velvet and moleskin are the main focus of our Capsule, rich fabrics able to reflect light and absorb colour.
Pontex proposes them in many different versions: velvets realised in modal, tencel, viscose, elastomer cotton, piece-dyed velvets with super soft hand and crushed velvets for unique effects.

In addition to velvets and moleskins, there are fabrics for 100% cotton clothing, cotton shirts, elastomer cotton, tencel, modal, viscose, silk, gauze, voile, printed, technical, resinated and coupled pieces of clothing. Depending on the garment to be made, Pontex offers the possibility to completely customise the chosen article, which can also be requested with GOTS certification to certify the use of natural fibres from organic farming.

To stay on the topic ‘eco-sustainability’, Pontex introduces innovative fibres that reduce the environmental impact of textile production, with a view to a circular economy, especially with regard to technical and protective fabrics, which are the most impactful, also opting for polyamides obtained exclusively from recycled raw materials.

The most environmentally sustainable choice (and 100% Made in Italy too) in our next Autumn Winter Collection 24/25 is Cupro, a light, fresh and breathable fabric, that most of all is sustainable and good for environment.

Focus Colore: nature as a source of inspiration

Four iconic dyes inspired by nature stand out in this Collection to communicate enthusiasm, brightness and intensity, sometimes playing with contrasts that are never mismatched and enhancing the most precious character of materials.

Cotone 01688 01602 01603 Fw2425 Pontex tris

simple grey, that reminds of sustainable naturalness and guarantees timeless balance: the perfect colour for cottons

green clay, an emblematic colour that characterises the entire Collection and reaches its highest expression with velvets

yellow clay, yellow clay, another colour inspired by nature and by the brightness of the sun for cotton shirt weight

lavender, to give intensity to lighter pieces of clothing as viscoses, silks, cotton gauzes and voiles

News & Fairs

Fabrics with Structured Texture: when crossing is fashion

Piquet, dobby, broken twill effects to “play” with fabric and give identity to each piece of clothing, using the best yarns The fabrics for clothing with structured texture are obtained thanks to a particular weaving, where the final effect is determined by the way in which the yarns of the warp (parallel to selvages) intersect those of the weft (perpendicular to selvages).Each type of structured texture gives life and structure to the fabric because, depending on the crossing of yarns made by the movements of the loom, unexpected, original and unique effects are created.     For the Collection Spring Summer 2025, Pontex has realised a capsule of structured-texture fabrics with high-quality raw materials: natural fabrics one-hundred per cent cotton and stretch cottons (cotton with elastomer) to grant comfort and utmost wearability, added to utmost resistance and durability, to pieces of clothing like, for example, trousers. Thanks to advanced weaving techniques, Pontex realises and proposes fabrics with structured texture with three-dimensional effects, piquet, dobby, broken twill effects, double cotton satin with slub effect. The particular crossing of warp and weft and the use of high-quality raw materials allow to obtain fabrics with unique and particular effects, with more or less sustained hands depending on the structured texture being more or less “open” with yarns tighter or less tight in the crossing. For the Spring Summer season, Pontex also “plays” with untied effects, thanks to the particular construction of the fabric art. 01618/P05 MICHELLE PXT 100% COTTON width 147/150 weight 150m2 230 mtl For the Spring Summer season, Pontex also “plays” with effects like knitting, that make the piece of clothing likewise a comfortable sweatshirt. art. 01516/P05  ELARA STRETCH PXT 98% COTTON 2%ELASTOMER width 143/146           weight 195m2  285mtl Each fabric of this Capsule is designed inside our Style Office, that works in strict collaboration with our Customers to create always new proposals, experiment new types of crossing and new techniques and thus offer exclusive products able to satisfy a more and more demanding international clientele. The quality check, always executed inside our company, allows a visual, sensory and functional analysis of the characteristics of the fabric to provide a suitable and top-quality product. Discover Spring Summer 25 Collection Technical note: "structured texture" means both the set of operations to assemble the loom to prepare it for weaving, and the way in which the yarns of warp intersect those of weft. Therefore, a structured texture defines which kind of fabric will be obtained from a specific weaving. navigate_next

A Fabric Affair Los Angeles – 28/29 February 2024 – Booth Pontex

We will present our new 2025 Spring/Summer Fabric Collection at the A Fabric Affair in Los Angeles: from 28 to 29 February 2024, 212 East 8th Street, 5th floor, DTLA. Visit our booth Pontex. We hope to see you on that occasion and we invite you to contact us writing an e mail to info@pontexspa.it for further information about our products. navigate_next

Trendy palette for the season Spring-Summer 2025

The trendy palette for the Spring Summer 2025 includes full and bright dyes, renewed by unusual pigments, combined with lighter and desaturated dyes Our new Collection Spring Summer 2025 proposes fabrics for clothing more and more in line with today’s needs: prolonged summer and a nature that is treading a fine line and therefore is to be respected and protected.  Our colour-palette moves from concentrated intensity to desaturated dyes, to wrap the new season with lightness and brightness, in the principles of sustainability and innovation. Sugar cane brown, detox green, bold orange and quartz pink are the main dyes guiding this new capsule through the choice of natural and light fibres and the full colours of summer, that reflect the natural element. Sugar cane brown Detox green Quartz pink Bold orange Colours that best express the essence of the new season for Pontex, made of fabrics inspired by concepts like nature, light, lightness and adjustment to realise unique, ethical and aesthetical pieces of clothing with an elegant and practical Smartorial style. Discover all the fabrics of our new Collection Spring/Summer 2025 navigate_next